Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I was bitten by the knitting bug...

and because of it, my needles have been flying on the New Jersey Transit and also at home after 9p.m. Oh yes, I'm determined to finish this sweater in the next three weeks and then I think I need some leg warmers. So dirty dishes must be loaded in the dish washer by a certain time. Mommy has to knit! I have an idea what I am going to design on the front of the sweater and on the sleeves. Tai's only request was for it to be green and a hoodie and I want to make some cables on this sweater. It should be fun!

Car has been fixed! We are in business of dropping children off at day care and school again. Hubby's fever is gone and he is up and about. Thank God for all that.

Here is a couple of pictures on sweater progress and Tai's pumpkin face design. We are carving our pumpkins on Thursday and that's the plan!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


So we spend our weekend at home with our car broken down and in the repair shop. I was on my way to the gym and engine light came on and the car started to choke. I turned around and thank God I made it home. Guardian Angel is always with me. I felt it! Hubby's been having a fever all weekend. Poor guy! He's had a tough month with broken foot back pain and now fever.

I can't tell you how thankful that I made it home and didn't get stuck on the road!!!!!! I do feel bad Tai missed soccer two weeks in a row. I had to work last Saturday and hubby's in too much back pain to take him with the baby.

All is good! We spend all weekend home. We have food in the house and plenty of Tylenol, although we only had 3 eggs left. I used 1 for pancake and I scrambled the other 2 with milk and cheese to make more out of the eggs. Ha ha and it worked! We all had eggs for breakfast! I even got Tai's new sweater started. He wanted a green sweater with a hoodie. That was his only request. Little guy also completed his book of 26 pages. All drawings of Star Wars. He basically retold the story. Whatever makes the boy use drawing and writing utensils. He was so proud!

I'm off to bed and hoping the car will be ready tomorrow and won't cost us too much money to repair.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I found my felts, floss and all other crafty stuff. I haven't been able to locate them until tonight and when did we move? March! I tell you. It's been way too long. Now that I've found my stuff, I have to start making stuff. On top of my list, of course is my grandma's beret. I have to finish sew in the ends. It's taking me forever. I have about 35 to 37 minutes of NJ transit ride these days and most of the time, I divide my time between reading, listening to This American Life or sleeping.

This past two days, I've been inspired by this blog. It's all about stitching. I think it's a pretty popular blog. I just happen to just discover it but never too late to be inspired.

My friend Stacy and I went down to P&S Fabric on Canal Street during our lunch hour. I brought some embroider rings and some black and white floss. She brought felts to make her Halloween Costume. I have plan to make some embroidery rings for my bedroom walls. Going make me some time to do this thing!!!!!! Time to get my butt to bed.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday - On my way to work...

I take the Midtown Direct to New York City every morning. It's getting darker now in the mornings when we get up and get ready for school and work. Couple more weeks, we'll have day light savings time and then we'll be trading in our late afternoon light for an hour of sunlight. I'm never quite sure how I feel about that. I'm always thrilled to gain an hour but then sadden by the darkness that waits for me when I get out of work.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It frost last night! I could not believe it! I've been enjoying the cool weather because it gave me the urge to knit. I'm almost done with my grandmother's beret. I'm done with all the knitting and now, It's time to sew the ends in and steam felt it. I've made my NJ transit ride into my knitting place just like what the subway used to be. I'm finally feeling comfortable enough to let my needles fly. I treated myself to t a Vogue Knitting magazine this weekend. Even though the patterns in that magazine is way beyond my knitting comfort level, I just love looking at the knits. They are gorgeous and stylish. I look at the Vogue Knitting magazines as collector's item, just in case one day I'm actually going to knit up something from them. As for now, I'll just look and admire.

Miles is wearing a sweater that my friend Stacy made him before he was born. I think he's finally fitting into it. He wears this beautiful garment at least once a week and he's been wearing it big. I figure he'll grow into it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Few Thoughts

I have to bring in my Plumeria inside tonight before it gets too too cold.

Give my sweet little baby more hugs, kisses and snuggle every chance I get because he's growing up way way too too fast.

Take more pictures of Tai playing soccer in the open field because he looks so professional and cold weather is approaching us. His games will soon move inside. Florescent lights are crappy for pictures.

I have to work this coming Saturday. I'll be away from my babes for a total of 5 hours with commute time included. But I have to be a good worker bee and do good for the job that pays my bills. It kills me to spend time away from them on the weekends but what's a working mama's gonna do. I will miss soccer! Good Luck to the daddy on duty this Saturday.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Grateful Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend with new friends and old pals. Gorgeous mountain hike with Tai and his new friend from school. The boys were one with nature, it was so much fun to watch them play, climb and discover.

We finished our weekend with roasting marshmellow. I even found 2 hours alone on Saturday just sitting wearing a vest my grandmother made and knitting her something for a change, a new hat!

I want to stop and give thanks to our new life here in New Jersey. My hubby said to me the other day, that my mommy blog makes our life so so happy and wonderful and together and then I told him, that's the whole point. Life is so busy and stressful and completely crazy so I choose highlight only goodness as a reminder of how very blessed we really are.My mommy blog is my space to reflect and give thanks to all that we are blessed with, each other and each day.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pumpkins and Apples Weekend

Taking advantage of the New Jersey living. This is 30mins from where we live. How cool is that?! I would have to say this is my first time apple picking and I love it! I can do this again next weekend and every weekend until the apples are all gone.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The beginning of fall in my little world of New Jersey

This is my first autumn living in the suburb and I am soaking it all up. After a hectic stressful day working in the city, I get to come home to this.

Life is so good. Does anyone know if that's a chestnut? They are just falling off a tree in spiky shells by the train station. I might want to pick them all up and cook them.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

My baby is ONE! And he looks like his daddy.

Lots of celebration this weekend.

Yippeeeee! Miles turned 1 year old. We survied the baby's first year with very little sleep but he is so worth it. He is such a joy and he is absolutely delicious. Cupcakes for everyone!

This past two weeks was unusually full. Work has been crazy stressful and hubby broke his foot. But the truth is, life is so good. I repeat this to myself often. I love my boys and I love my family and I love our new home life in New Jersey. No matter how tough work gets or how stressful and nitty griddy life get, I thank God for all the good things and people in our lives and counting our blessing each and everyday.

Happy Birthday My Sweet Little Boy!