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Frederick In Flight

Frederick In Flight

I experienced my first hot air balloon festival last summer at the Frederick in Flight event. It's a small gathering of hot air balloons in the town of Frederick, CO. Not the biggest town, and not the biggest hot air balloon event in Colorado, but it was only about 20 minutes away - which definitely matters when the balloons take flight around 6 a.m.! We didn't want to drive two hours at 4 a.m. for something that would only last about an hour.


So we got up around 5:30 on a Saturday morning (sometimes the best adventures are worth a little inconvenience!) and drove over to the town of Frederick. What I liked about this festival was that they didn't have the balloon area roped off, so we could walk around freely. I'm not sure if other festivals allow this as well, but it was definitely cool to be so close to all the balloons as they filled up and took off.


Since I had never seen a hot air balloon in person, I was really interested to see how they worked. I didn't realize how many people it actually took to fill one up and take off! There were people next to the basket part to operate the flames and hold up the opening. Then there were other people holding onto ropes on the outside of the balloon. I'm assuming their purpose was to hold the shape of the balloon so that it could fill up with air, but I don't actually know why they were there. Maybe they just wanted a workout, because it looked like a lot of work to hold onto those ropes!


Below is a video I took of some of the balloons filling up, because sometimes a picture just doesn't do it justice!

Overall, we both really enjoyed the experience and even though I'm too scared to actually get inside a hot air balloon basket and go for a ride, I would definitely recommend seeing a hot air balloon festival at some point in your life. It was absolutely worth it! So here are a few more pictures of the balloons, and if you want to see more, check out the Hot Air Balloons gallery on my Photo Gallery page. Enjoy!

Cheyenne, WY

Cheyenne, WY